From aerospace to microbiology

I have plenty of experience in a wide range of branches as both a programmer and software engineer. 

Food & bio

A subset of lab automation, in food & bio there are complex matters to solve. Consider optimizing the processing time of multiple robots, the control of their XYZ arms and linking all data in the system to the LIMS within the laboratory ICT environment. 

Lab automation

For amongst others Eurofins, Lavetan, Qlip, DTS and MCC I have worked on robots which work within a lab automation system. Their primary function is automatic processing of food or water samples and applicating the samples on 3M Petri dishes or films. I have also worked on automatic counting of bacteria and mould colonies. Techniques which I regularly use are Matlab, Python, mathematical modelling. 

Airport automation

Airport processes are becoming more and more automated in order to increase efficiency. In these processes there is still room for more optimization. I am the one who has written the algorithms to detect non-conveyable items during baggage scans. My algorithms are being used at large international airports worldwide, from Las Vegas to Incheon Intl. Airport of South Korea. 

My digital profile

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