Industrial and scientific software engineer and programmer

As a programmer and software engineer I can help you on many levels with complex engineering problems. My expertise lies mostly in the scientific and industrial automation branches. Thanks to my mathematical knowledge and technological background I can continue with complex matters where the average programmer would throw in the towel. 

Mathematical modelling

Mathematical modelling is generally applied in relation to complex problems such as process optimization, image analysis or robot motion and control. By parametrization of an object or process, an abstract model can be developed of reality which can then be subjected to optimization algorithms. Techniques which I have used (amongst others) are Dijkstra, PCA, Rotating Calipers, ANOVA and machine learning.

Process optimization & robotics software

I have worked on optimizing processes in biomedical labs, but also in other organizations. For example, a process in which tubes containing sample need to be transported through a conveyor system to multiple processing bots, each having limited capacity and disposables. I have provided an optimal distrubution such that each bot is being utilized to its maximum capacity. 

Image analysis

I have plenty of experience in the field of image analysis, both 2D and 3D. At FEI I have worked on analyzing images coming from electron microscopes and at SITA I have written object detection scripts for 3D point clouds using PCL, OpenCV, PCA and my general knowledge on probability theory and statistics. I have also worked on automating the detection of bacterial colonies and funghi on 3M Petri films. 

Industrial software engineering

With over 10 years of experience as an industrial software engineer I am exceptionally well-versed in industrial software (C++, C# / .NET, Python, PLC, Lab automation, Oil & Gas) and I have completed projects for a wide variety of clients. I can work on both Windows as well as Linux platforms, Wago PLC's and Raspberry Pi's. 

My digital profile

Download my resume, whitepaper and example projects in a printable PDF.