Work method Kenneth Verbist

Working together

After we have become acquainted with each other, I usually work on site for a certain amount of time. This way we can establish trust and understanding, as well as act quickly in setting everything up. Also, I can get a good this way of processes, how to optimize them or obtain other useful insights regarding the to be challenges and solutions ahead. 

Independent and communicative programmer

My clients have often told me that I work in a clear and structured way. During the project, both on site as well as from my own office, there is frequent communication and I am always willing to travel to other sites if necessary. 

Commercial programmer

I work solution-oriented and am very capable in seperating the core functionalities from details and nice-to-haves. Where other programmers may get lost in the details and trying to perfect some aspect, I am able to understand the commercial aspect of my decisions. I like to work efficiently where required and only spend extra time in areas where the costs-benefit tradeoff allows it. 

My digital profile

Download my resume, whitepaper and example projects in a printable PDF.